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Peter Warren in 2013

any other business Posted on Wed, October 03, 2012 19:24:40

Hi Everyone.

Following on from a great bonsai filled weekend I have rebooked Peter Warren for 2013.

In order to minimise the travel time and costs He is travelling down straight from the UK Shohin show at Failand Hall nr Bristol.

The dates are March 25th, 26th and 27th (Mon, Tue, Wed) This is perfect for conifer repotting and conifer work so the lessons are being themed to this topic.

Monday is a full day for just 2 people sharing Peters time and experience

Tuesday is getting booked already but there are certainly a couple of places available still

Wednesday there is a potential one to one slot for half a day if someone would like it.

Monday costs £125.00 pp (2 people)

Tue costs are £65.00 pp (4/5 attendants)

Wed half day one to one £125.00 (1 person)

If the weather looks shocking we will set my factory unit up as a bonsai workshop – i have heat, light, space,a loo etc so there is no need to worry about the time of year.

call or email me for more details or to secure a place.

Thanks Marcus

Nice pots

any other business Posted on Wed, September 12, 2012 22:42:24

Just a heads up – Robert has put his private pots in the nursery for sale.

Brian Albright (all sold 1st day i think !, before I even got there)

Gordon Duffett – undoubtably the very best the UK has produced – and Robert has some stunners – if you have a show tree these are worth a look as no other UK potters have yet matched them

Early Walsall ceramics – startng to age nicely now

Erin – for that unique glaze or finish – all one off creations

Proper Tokoname – chop marked, some signed, very fine high quality and slightly older pots – the perfect pot for the classic show tree.

They are not small pots, and they are not the usual bargain pots, but they are very very high quality and many date back 25 years – most have never been planted either – he was a collector

Happy hunting

For Sale

any other business Posted on Sun, February 12, 2012 17:26:04


Silver Birch

Octagonal pot 12 inches, tree 20 inches high.

Approx 20 years old.


Myrtle group.

21 inch mica pot, trees 18 inches.

Planted in pot 2005 using trees approx. 3 to 5 years old.



any other business Posted on Mon, January 16, 2012 10:39:16

Marcus – I noticed that when logging in the entry box titles are in German.

Do you know something about the Euro that we don’t ?

Photoshop CS5.1

any other business Posted on Thu, January 12, 2012 23:30:09

Hi, last night i downloaded a free 30 day trial of the adobe photoshop cs5.1 version (from their web site) – it is absolutely briliant – i have virtually repotted a couple of trees to see what they look like and even had a go at styling the white pine that is on our club ‘for sale’ web page.

here is the pine as it is:

and here is a photoshop virt – the tree was tilted 25 degrees, lower branches removed and the foliage leveled up to match the new angle, then a quick repot

This is a briliant tool to see what a tree looks like without chopping off important bits.

After putting up a post on ibc a couple of users started giving me tips and one tweaked the design further…….general consensus is to get the tree off the for sale page quick !!

cheers Marcus

the perfect excuse

any other business Posted on Mon, December 19, 2011 20:03:03

Walking around the garden center the other day we were looking – as you do this time of year – at christmas trees. In about half a second I worked out that a pot grown specimen would mean I get a spruce bonsai to play with in the new year smiley, and throughout the entire process Mandy would actually be excited and happy about buying another tree.

So the usual criteria for a Christmas Tree – you know – dense, bushy, even all round etc etc, had a few additions – but the looks you get in Newquay garden Center on your hands and knees checking nebari and lower trunk girth takes a bit of getting used to ! You know how it goes – you narrow it down to 6, then 3 then its a head to head – it was like the X factor final – and now we have our spruce sat in the front room, watered every day. I wanted to mist it but i think the lights will have other ideas !!

Now i look with awe and wonder at Mandies lovely decorating, looking which branches to jin, where to put the shari……………….. windswept literati?, Buying the Christmas tree has really got a whole new outlook now. 2013 workshop for january i think, as a change from ‘pots & potting’ maybe?

Happy Christmas everyone

here is a little Cryptomeria in a Gordon Hunt pot to start the seasonal spirit