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Nolans Move

News Posted on Thu, August 22, 2013 06:57:40

Hi everyone, just had a nice message from Nolan to pass on ………

Dear all! Our move back to the Isle of Wight went well. The trees that went on the removal lorry for 3 days all survived. I have had a slight accident with my cascade hawthorn whilst laying the slate on my new display area (do excuse the pile of bricks from an old flower bed behind). A gust of wind blew it from its stand whilst on uneven ground and smashed the pot. I’ve already contacted Gordon regarding a new pot for it. I went to a small county show last weekend and met members of the IOW bonsai society who were doing a small display there. I’ve been invited along to their september meeting, hopefully I can make it along. Whilst out and about I’ve spotted a few potential airlayerings for next May, I will send some photos when I’ve done them. Once again thank you for my cup and if any of you do visit the island please don’t hesitate to contact me.

PS. JCB John – please accept my friend request on Facebook!

I think I can speak for us all in wishing you the very best future.

new web site

News Posted on Sun, March 03, 2013 22:49:07

Hi everyone.

here is my new bonsai web site to run alongside the blog. At the moment it has just some of the trees for sale or recently sold, but it will have a lot of Gordons pots, soils, fertiliser and accessories very soon.

cheers for having a look if you get time


Gordons pots take Japan by storm

News Posted on Sat, April 21, 2012 20:32:04

Here is a nice story.

I’ve been in correspondance with Peter Tea, the main apprentice to Mr Tanaka, owner of Aichi-En Bonsai Nursery in Japan. I know Peter collects certain pots, and I had a few from Gordon that I just knew Peter would like so I made a gift of 2 pots and posted them to the nursery in Japan.

They arrived safely today and they both love them – they say there are no pots like it in Japan ! The pots have been put outside in the nursery planted with accents so they develop age, weathering and patina (a few clues there – I keep all my spare and empty pots outdoors year round – shiny new pots look wrong with a bonsai, aging is essential to their credibility).

Both Peter and Mr Tanaka think the pots will create lots of interest from the customers and visitors to the nursery, and once they show age Mr Tanaka is thinking to use them in one of the large bonsai shows ! – Can you imagine Gordons pot in a Kokufuten exhibition and catalogue !!!

While bouncing emails back and forth across the planet I sent a set of pictures of the needle juniper that came from Roberts and asked for some help and advice as I wanted to do the tree justice. Some really useful advice was given and the observation that the tree had fine qualities round the back. To inspire me Peter sent back two pictures of junipers from the 2012 Kokufuten exhibition and now I’m well into a total restyle of my tree.

here is the inspirational world class tree he showed me – give me a year or two OK !

cheers all and well done to Gordon for some great work – on our door step too.

New pots – Gordon Hunt

News Posted on Thu, March 22, 2012 07:07:30

Hi, hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine, a few new ‘organic shaped’
accent pots & also experiments with a ‘frothy’ glaze…….

See you next week, memory permitting.




News Posted on Thu, March 01, 2012 19:37:28

Hi everone – We know lots of you pop in and visit the website and blog but only a very few have managed to add any comments yet!!. The blog feature gets more interesting if more people actually chip in and make the discussion interesting so lets start with all readers of this saying hi to everyone else.

it is very easy – no logging in or anything – just click the comment button, write your name where it asks, type your comment in the box and copy the 4 figure code to prove you are real and alive ! simple as that……

so to get the ball rolling HI EVERYONE smiley

Springtime wakes anew

News Posted on Wed, January 11, 2012 15:07:59

I was walking around my garden yesterday, and was amazed at the new growth which is happening. Daffodils, bluebells and many other plants and bushes have started growing, some two or three months early. A report on television said that some sixty plant varieties are in flower and more will follow.

My particular concern is that I had hoped to repot many of my trees this springtime which would be the recommended time to carry out this operation when they themselves are showing growth that is, acers, azalea and rhododendrons etc.

The big question for me, and you, is if I carry out repotting now and we get a very cold snap which lasts for some time what damage will I do to the trees in this and subsequent years?

Perhaps you could offer some advice on this question. – Barrie.

Blog admin

News Posted on Sat, January 07, 2012 21:00:30

Hi everyone, just a quick update and special thanks to Owen and Barrie who have joined Marcus as Blog administrators. If any members have have articles or stories to go on the blog just email or give them to any of us and we will get them published for you.

Just to let you know how the blog works; the actual articles, pictures and topics are loaded by any of the admin team but anyone reading can add their own comments to these topics. You do not need to login in order to comment…just click the comment button, write what you want and copy the wierd word to prove you are a human ! .

To add items for sale on the website please forward a picture, description and price to marcus on the address. These will be added to the page and buyers will be put in contact with sellers via email. If the sale goes well and you want to make a small donation to club funds thats appreciated but not compulsory.

This is your club Blog so please help make it interesting by contributing to it however you can.


Marcus –

Owen –

Barrie –

Swindon show

News Posted on Fri, January 06, 2012 17:45:48

I had a nice email from Paul at Swindon Bonsai society the other day with details of their winter image and shohin show thats coming up soon. Here is the poster with all the details: I know a few members have been to it before, anyone going this year?

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