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Noelanders – Anyone going?

Shows and Meetings Posted on Thu, December 20, 2012 07:17:54


I have been contacted by a bonsai enthusiast from the Plymouth area who is keen to car and cost share a trip to the Noelanders show in Belgium this coming January. If any of our members are planning a trip to the biggest bonsai expo we have in Europe just let me know and I’ll forward his details.

thanks Marcus

Noelanders XIV

Shows and Meetings Posted on Mon, December 10, 2012 00:05:23

Just in case anyone is feeling like a trip to the best European Bonsai show there is early next year here is the poster for Noelanders XIV

To cap off a really good bonsai year I’ve just had confirmation my upright Hinoki Cypress has been accepted for the show, making up one of the 100 or so trees on display. This is a real honour to have a tree included the first year I applied and it is great that the first tree ever from Cornwall has made the grade for the best show we have available.

The hinoki was sat at Roberts St Mawgan nursery for a decade or more before I bought it 5 years ago. over the years I have potted it down from the huge oval it came in (30″) to a smaller oval (24″) and finally now to a nice tokoname pot. The tree has been reduced in height a lot, hollowed, carved, wired, re-wired and now has a mature ‘real’ tree appearance. Now i need to scrub the algae off, do a little very fine wiring with 0.5mm copper and deliver the tree to Peter Warren who will transport the tree to the show and set up the display – Mandy and I can then go just for the weekend……..just like japan.

Web site update

Shows and Meetings Posted on Sat, December 01, 2012 18:31:12

Hi everyone,

just to let you know the website is fully updated with the 2013 program, the various workshops and all the chairmans challenge results.

Here is a belated webmaster report carried over from the AGM

Yearly Hits 120,689

Actual visits 11,476

Pages viewed 27,519

cheers Marcus

August meeting

Shows and Meetings Posted on Mon, August 20, 2012 20:39:47

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately the hall floor is not going to be finished in time for the next meeting so it has been cancelled.

Hopefully this will be the last cancellation of the year.

Please spread the word so nobody makes a wasted journey

thanks Marcus

Peter Warren Visit

Shows and Meetings Posted on Mon, August 13, 2012 07:08:35

Just to let you all know Peter Warrren is coming to Cornwall and is doing two small intimate workshops at my house. Saturday the 8th and Sunday 9th September are the dates and there are just two places in total left.

Each day is limited to 4 people so that everyone gets plenty of time and attention, the cost is just £65.00, and hopefully will be the first of many visits Peter does for us, so workshop trees can be progressed and given a plan for the future.

This level of workshop will be perfect for bringing the best out in your trees and making sure they reach their full potential – also the amount of bonsai experience, help and hints that will be bounced around between Peter and the group will be priceless.

If anyone wants more info just get hold of me, but dont sit on the fence as opportunities to work with a bonsai proffessional down here in cornwall are few and far between. If one person wants a 2 day workshop to work on a larger or inticate tree this will fill the final place, so availability is 1 person per day.

Cheers Marcus 07855 300789

Pine night

Shows and Meetings Posted on Mon, July 30, 2012 18:36:08

Pine night went really well, thanks for all the messages and thankyou especially for bringing such a wonderfull selection of pines along. As this was the third year we moved more into styling and refinement methods rather than basic pruning and care.

For those that remember the black pine raw material I bought along:

It is now nicely wired, styled, and set on its way as a bonsai. This tree and several others are actually on the updated ‘FOR SALE’ page of the club web site.

I think we had Japanese Black pine, White pine pentaphylla, Scotts pine, mugo pine, Scotts beauvonensis and ‘Cornish Pine’ – so a nice variety to talk about.

Next meeting is Cornish landscapes so it will be a great evening of slate, windswept, walls and who knows what other creative landscape scenes you have put together !.

cheers Marcus


Shows and Meetings Posted on Sun, June 03, 2012 20:37:35

Here are few photos of my own exhibit at Bristol MagicalBonsaiAccents.

The overall display attempting to give the atmosphere of three aspects of Cornwall. I have tried to give a presentation similar to a traditional Japanese display with a main subject, the valley (not very effective here with a bad camera angle). The pink thrift acting as an accent plant and the plant on a tall table substituting for a scroll.

A valley or sunken lane scene with ferns, lichen and moss.

The sea thrift which grows on the beach-head shown off in one of Gordon’s marvellous pots.

Representing the gardens of Cornwall a ‘wire-netting plant’ from New Zealand in an elegant pot by Amanda Briers.


Chelsea 2012

Shows and Meetings Posted on Sun, June 03, 2012 17:34:32

Hi everyone,

Here is a link to last weeks Chelsea flower show pictures

Bonsai at Chelsea

cheers Marcus

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