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Shows and Meetings Posted on Sun, June 03, 2012 20:37:35

Here are few photos of my own exhibit at Bristol MagicalBonsaiAccents.

The overall display attempting to give the atmosphere of three aspects of Cornwall. I have tried to give a presentation similar to a traditional Japanese display with a main subject, the valley (not very effective here with a bad camera angle). The pink thrift acting as an accent plant and the plant on a tall table substituting for a scroll.

A valley or sunken lane scene with ferns, lichen and moss.

The sea thrift which grows on the beach-head shown off in one of Gordon’s marvellous pots.

Representing the gardens of Cornwall a ‘wire-netting plant’ from New Zealand in an elegant pot by Amanda Briers.



Shows and Meetings Posted on Tue, May 29, 2012 20:53:37

Magical Bonsai Accents at Failand Bristol.

This must be one of the treats of the year. A room full of the most innovative and creative accent plants. Your eyes and senses were widened at every exhibit. The word Magical in the title was if anything an understatement.

See below to get a flavour of the show and resolve to go next time.

The organisers are to be congratulated on producing a European if not world first in such a flawless manner that the day was a complete delight.


And a few pictures from Marcus


Shows and Meetings Posted on Wed, May 23, 2012 21:49:34

Hi All,

Good to hear from Marcus that Exmouth was such a success. Back here at home we had a wonderful week-end at Trelissick. A very good selection of trees from the excellent to very good presentations by new members.

Below a selection of pictures – chosen not for quality of trees but the few photos that came out reasonably well in very difficult lighting conditions.

and finally Frank seems to be dropping a hint as to what he wants for a Christmas present.


Shows and Meetings Posted on Sun, April 15, 2012 20:22:42

With our Annual Exhibition at Trelissick just five weeks away I thought that it was time to prepare some Accent Plants. Coral and Audrey always create a marvellous display with our offerings and need our plants in as great a variety as possible.

After Ritta Coopers inspiring talk last year we should be able to put on an even better show.

Below are a couple of photos of my mornings work gathering plants from my garden.

Libertia and mind-your-business in one of Gordon’s marvellous pots.

Uncinia and a yellow tinted moss.

Obviously much trimming and tidying up needed when they recover from transplanting.

If you have nothing in your garden I notice that the local garden centres (and even Trago Mills) have a selection of alpine plants at the moment. Most of these plants are a little over £1 each and are capable of being pulled apart to give a piece for an Accent Plant leaving you with plenty to dig into the garden.

Other photos/ideas welcome.

Happy Accenting,


here are the pictures of Gordons work to accompany Owens post


seasonal work Posted on Wed, February 29, 2012 20:20:40

Greetings all,

I have been using some of Marcus’ excellent compost and have been searching for some slow release fertiliser to add to it.

Someone had recommended Osmocote. Searching Trago Mills I found that I had the choice of two;

Osmocote which claims to last for 6 months (I suspect that it would be less with the constant watering of Bonsai and in the warmer climate of Cornwall)) With a N-P-K of 14 – 5.7- 10.8.

Chempak which claims to last for one year with figures of 18 – 6 – 12 (+MgO)

The Chempak is about 25% dearer but contains micro nutrients which are not mentioned on the Osmocote box.

Anyone with experience of either and/or generally experience of adding fertiliser to composts.

Any advice will be very welcome.

Good potting,


For Sale

any other business Posted on Sun, February 12, 2012 17:26:04


Silver Birch

Octagonal pot 12 inches, tree 20 inches high.

Approx 20 years old.


Myrtle group.

21 inch mica pot, trees 18 inches.

Planted in pot 2005 using trees approx. 3 to 5 years old.



Shows and Meetings Posted on Mon, February 06, 2012 12:48:28

At the recent workshop I took along a juniper to work on during the day.

After much thought John Trott suggested that I saw off the lowest branch and generally thin out the rest of the foliage.

The result was a tremendous improvement but as one of the left branches showed signs of cracking, John suggested that I leave further trimming until later to see if the branch would recover.

The next day I was not fully convinced and searched all of my books for further inspiration. The most inspiring was Robert Steven’s book and I tried his approach with a very minimalist treatment. By wrapping some branches in white bandages, photographing and using a photo programme I produced the following image which seems more attractive (at least when the foliage pad extends).

To disguise the two large pruning scars I have painted in a shari. Then overnight I considered turning the one branch over the top or just taking it to the left (possibly sloping the tree also to the left) in order to preserve the open shape made by the trunk on the left of the tree.

Any comments/ideas would be gratefully received.


tree pictures Posted on Sat, February 04, 2012 16:32:39

My White Pine on a cold night.

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