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any other business Posted on Mon, January 16, 2012 10:39:16

Marcus – I noticed that when logging in the entry box titles are in German.

Do you know something about the Euro that we don’t ?

Springtime wakes anew

News Posted on Wed, January 11, 2012 15:07:59

I was walking around my garden yesterday, and was amazed at the new growth which is happening. Daffodils, bluebells and many other plants and bushes have started growing, some two or three months early. A report on television said that some sixty plant varieties are in flower and more will follow.

My particular concern is that I had hoped to repot many of my trees this springtime which would be the recommended time to carry out this operation when they themselves are showing growth that is, acers, azalea and rhododendrons etc.

The big question for me, and you, is if I carry out repotting now and we get a very cold snap which lasts for some time what damage will I do to the trees in this and subsequent years?

Perhaps you could offer some advice on this question. – Barrie.