Hi everyone, just had a nice message from Nolan to pass on ………

Dear all! Our move back to the Isle of Wight went well. The trees that went on the removal lorry for 3 days all survived. I have had a slight accident with my cascade hawthorn whilst laying the slate on my new display area (do excuse the pile of bricks from an old flower bed behind). A gust of wind blew it from its stand whilst on uneven ground and smashed the pot. I’ve already contacted Gordon regarding a new pot for it. I went to a small county show last weekend and met members of the IOW bonsai society who were doing a small display there. I’ve been invited along to their september meeting, hopefully I can make it along. Whilst out and about I’ve spotted a few potential airlayerings for next May, I will send some photos when I’ve done them. Once again thank you for my cup and if any of you do visit the island please don’t hesitate to contact me.

PS. JCB John – please accept my friend request on Facebook!

I think I can speak for us all in wishing you the very best future.