Hi everyone,

spring is round the corner and I’m considering getting a pallet of soil ingredients delivered. Bulk buying this year has secured some very enticing potential discounts on Akadama, Kiryu, ezo grit

The window of opportunity is quite short though – Febuary meeting is the absolute latest for conformation as I need to get the split of soil types decided by then so if anyone wants 14liter sacks of soils please contact me sooner rather than later.

Prices will be in the region of:

1 single bag – £12

2 bags + £11 ea

5 bags + £10.50 ea

This is the delivered total price for all soils – Akadama, Kiryu etc in the large size bags so anyone interested can message me, email marcus@futurebaits.com or call 07855 300789 to place an order.

Akadama 4-6mm

Akadama 8-12mm

& Akadama shohin grade 2-3mm

6-8mm Kiryu and 2-3mm shohin grade

6-8mm Ezo grit and 2-3mm shohin grade

Perfect timing for those coming to the Peter Warren repotting workshops etc or planning any repotting this year.

cheers – it needs about 15 more sacks ordering to make the pallet delivery worthwhile