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Nice pots

any other business Posted on Wed, September 12, 2012 22:42:24

Just a heads up – Robert has put his private pots in the nursery for sale.

Brian Albright (all sold 1st day i think !, before I even got there)

Gordon Duffett – undoubtably the very best the UK has produced – and Robert has some stunners – if you have a show tree these are worth a look as no other UK potters have yet matched them

Early Walsall ceramics – startng to age nicely now

Erin – for that unique glaze or finish – all one off creations

Proper Tokoname – chop marked, some signed, very fine high quality and slightly older pots – the perfect pot for the classic show tree.

They are not small pots, and they are not the usual bargain pots, but they are very very high quality and many date back 25 years – most have never been planted either – he was a collector

Happy hunting

Great day

seasonal work Posted on Wed, September 12, 2012 22:32:06

I must say thanks to everyone that came round over the weekend for the Peter Warren visit. With hindsight to call it a workshop would not portray how good it was. Peter spent 6 years in Japan as apprentice to Kobiashi (the chief) and in that time learnt bonsai from the bottom level to the very top – finally working and setting up trees for kokufu ten and similar high end shows. now he is a free lance bonsai proffessional and i am so pleased to have starrted a long term working relationship with him

He had his own style and subtle way of sharing so much knowledge with us, and limiting the group to just 4 people ensured everyone and their trees had plenty of quality time. We had black pines, scotts pines, junipers, white pine, satsuki, hawthorn & cryptomeria ! unbelievably Peter shared a lot of high end advanced knowledge of all the species, studied, styled or properly advised on virtually all the trees and was still going stong into the night as he was keen to play with my big juniper – once we managed to floodlight the garden this turned into a full thinning, compacting of the height and re-positioning of every single small branch and all the foliage.

I think I can say this was a real eye opener for all of us – you can’t learn in books or on the internet some of the information that was shared here. I know that countless wasted years can be saved by making the effort to pick the right teacher, and everyone wins as the trees move onto levels they would not ever achieve otherwise.

Peter is re-booked for a stay at mine on March 25th, 26th, (and hopefully 27th), 2013. The Tuesday 26th will be a group session specialising in the repotting of pines and junipers with particular attention to root selection, root reduction, root positioning, tree / pot positioning and correct soil choices. This will be another part teaching and part hands on day so attendants should aim to bring a main tree that will be worked and repotted, while also working together on soil mixing etc. 5 people MAX can be accomodated as some work will be shared – This is just for the Tuesday (Monday has been filled doing a very big, probably stressfull and very heavy yew, followed by a visit to Roberts) and 3 places are booked and confirmed already so please contact me soon if you are serious and can commit to one of the final slots.

cost will be similar for Peters time and we will sort out a way to buy all the soil components needed on the day from him – this will be akadama, kiryu, pumice etc rather than John innes !

thanks again,