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Nolans Move

News Posted on Thu, August 22, 2013 06:57:40

Hi everyone, just had a nice message from Nolan to pass on ………

Dear all! Our move back to the Isle of Wight went well. The trees that went on the removal lorry for 3 days all survived. I have had a slight accident with my cascade hawthorn whilst laying the slate on my new display area (do excuse the pile of bricks from an old flower bed behind). A gust of wind blew it from its stand whilst on uneven ground and smashed the pot. I’ve already contacted Gordon regarding a new pot for it. I went to a small county show last weekend and met members of the IOW bonsai society who were doing a small display there. I’ve been invited along to their september meeting, hopefully I can make it along. Whilst out and about I’ve spotted a few potential airlayerings for next May, I will send some photos when I’ve done them. Once again thank you for my cup and if any of you do visit the island please don’t hesitate to contact me.

PS. JCB John – please accept my friend request on Facebook!

I think I can speak for us all in wishing you the very best future.

new web site

News Posted on Sun, March 03, 2013 22:49:07

Hi everyone.

here is my new bonsai web site to run alongside the blog. At the moment it has just some of the trees for sale or recently sold, but it will have a lot of Gordons pots, soils, fertiliser and accessories very soon.

cheers for having a look if you get time


Japanese soil pallet

seasonal work Posted on Mon, January 07, 2013 20:36:34

Hi everyone,

spring is round the corner and I’m considering getting a pallet of soil ingredients delivered. Bulk buying this year has secured some very enticing potential discounts on Akadama, Kiryu, ezo grit

The window of opportunity is quite short though – Febuary meeting is the absolute latest for conformation as I need to get the split of soil types decided by then so if anyone wants 14liter sacks of soils please contact me sooner rather than later.

Prices will be in the region of:

1 single bag – £12

2 bags + £11 ea

5 bags + £10.50 ea

This is the delivered total price for all soils – Akadama, Kiryu etc in the large size bags so anyone interested can message me, email or call 07855 300789 to place an order.

Akadama 4-6mm

Akadama 8-12mm

& Akadama shohin grade 2-3mm

6-8mm Kiryu and 2-3mm shohin grade

6-8mm Ezo grit and 2-3mm shohin grade

Perfect timing for those coming to the Peter Warren repotting workshops etc or planning any repotting this year.

cheers – it needs about 15 more sacks ordering to make the pallet delivery worthwhile


Noelanders – Anyone going?

Shows and Meetings Posted on Thu, December 20, 2012 07:17:54


I have been contacted by a bonsai enthusiast from the Plymouth area who is keen to car and cost share a trip to the Noelanders show in Belgium this coming January. If any of our members are planning a trip to the biggest bonsai expo we have in Europe just let me know and I’ll forward his details.

thanks Marcus

Noelanders XIV

Shows and Meetings Posted on Mon, December 10, 2012 00:05:23

Just in case anyone is feeling like a trip to the best European Bonsai show there is early next year here is the poster for Noelanders XIV

To cap off a really good bonsai year I’ve just had confirmation my upright Hinoki Cypress has been accepted for the show, making up one of the 100 or so trees on display. This is a real honour to have a tree included the first year I applied and it is great that the first tree ever from Cornwall has made the grade for the best show we have available.

The hinoki was sat at Roberts St Mawgan nursery for a decade or more before I bought it 5 years ago. over the years I have potted it down from the huge oval it came in (30″) to a smaller oval (24″) and finally now to a nice tokoname pot. The tree has been reduced in height a lot, hollowed, carved, wired, re-wired and now has a mature ‘real’ tree appearance. Now i need to scrub the algae off, do a little very fine wiring with 0.5mm copper and deliver the tree to Peter Warren who will transport the tree to the show and set up the display – Mandy and I can then go just for the weekend……..just like japan.

Hornbeam for frank

tree pictures Posted on Sun, December 09, 2012 09:03:09

Here is a hornbeam to show what a good one looks like, even though it still has many years work on the branches – Peter Tea gives scale to this chunky tree. We’ll keep looking I think Frank till we find one that will fit through your door !

Web site update

Shows and Meetings Posted on Sat, December 01, 2012 18:31:12

Hi everyone,

just to let you know the website is fully updated with the 2013 program, the various workshops and all the chairmans challenge results.

Here is a belated webmaster report carried over from the AGM

Yearly Hits 120,689

Actual visits 11,476

Pages viewed 27,519

cheers Marcus

Peter Warren in 2013

any other business Posted on Wed, October 03, 2012 19:24:40

Hi Everyone.

Following on from a great bonsai filled weekend I have rebooked Peter Warren for 2013.

In order to minimise the travel time and costs He is travelling down straight from the UK Shohin show at Failand Hall nr Bristol.

The dates are March 25th, 26th and 27th (Mon, Tue, Wed) This is perfect for conifer repotting and conifer work so the lessons are being themed to this topic.

Monday is a full day for just 2 people sharing Peters time and experience

Tuesday is getting booked already but there are certainly a couple of places available still

Wednesday there is a potential one to one slot for half a day if someone would like it.

Monday costs £125.00 pp (2 people)

Tue costs are £65.00 pp (4/5 attendants)

Wed half day one to one £125.00 (1 person)

If the weather looks shocking we will set my factory unit up as a bonsai workshop – i have heat, light, space,a loo etc so there is no need to worry about the time of year.

call or email me for more details or to secure a place.

Thanks Marcus

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